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occupyOccupy this Album, the compilation album to which I contributed a version of my song “Chasing the Sun” - along with songs from Willie Nelson, Debbie Harry, Yo La Tango and too many greats to mention. It just won the Vox Populi   Independent Music Award. As we say, “huzzah!“

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awardsIt’s an honor to be honored by the GASC for two songs off my upcoming record.   “Gush” won in the Singer-Songwriter category and “Countdown Time” (written with the great diabetes viagra side effects. for winning Grand Prize!  He deserves it.  It’s sure is neat how we went from hanging out playing new songs for eachother that we were working on for our records, to both sharing awards for those songs in this contest.  Thanks to my brilliant producer/musician Paul Loren, producer, and the musicians on these songs, Chris Buckridge, Jason Lawrence, Lauren Balthrop, and Dan Posner. buy cialis in thailand by letters.

White Christmas *versus* West Christmas

santa monicaHoliday Classic Alert: I wrote an answer to “White Christmas” in the form of the rollicking “Letters to Santa Monica,“ recorded with Brooklyn band Balthrop, Alabama.

From the slush of a New York winter to the Santa Monica sunshine, here’s a holiday wish any snowbound slob can relate to. 

On iTunes & Bandcamp.

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